Monday, March 10, 2008

spring cleaning and bananas

It's in the air. The snow has melted (I know, I know, we could get more...but still). In any case, I am experiencing spring fever, which in my case, manifests itself by the desire to get the annual cleaning ritual underway. As well as get things more organized with the house and with the family. But it's a task that as you know, can be daunting...

This morning, inspired by the time-change (yeah, right) I hauled the kids (minus the kindergartner at school) to the grocery store for some serious shopping. All in all it went pretty well. There were hardly any patrons there, just workers, unloading and stocking the shelves.

Some nice man gave my children bananas to munch on as we went through the produce section. My kids ate about half of their bananas before deciding that was enough. They asked me to take them, and I asked them to keep them on their laps for a minute. When I went to check on the bananas, they were no where to be seen, peels and all had disappeared. My kids do not eat WHOLE bananas. I questioned my daughter about their whereabouts...had she THROWN THEM OVERBOARD????

She hadn't. She had given her banana to her younger brother. I suspect that he did the dirty deed. Sigh. I backtracked, but nary a banana on the floor to be found. So either he threw them into some great hiding place, or an employee saw two half-eaten bananas on the floor and picked them up and threw them away.

OH the Mortification of Motherhood. I go to Costco later today, where we will avoid any banana samples should they be available.

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  1. hee hee! i hope no one slipped on the bananas like they do in the cartoons!