Wednesday, March 5, 2008

spin cycle

So far this morning I have heard Clintonites claim a "sweeping victory" among the primaries last night. And that would be nice for Clinton, if she were a Republican, where the winner takes all. But she does have to give Barak his share of the delegates. (Oh, and she'll throw him the vice-presidency if he wants it.)

I have heard Obamaoans point to their lead in the delegates, despite only winning one state last night, saying they are still ahead and the delegate count is what matters. Which actually is true. (I don't know if he would let her be V-P. But that would be sort of funny, because it would probably drive Bill nuts!)

AND I have heard a Republican strategist suggest that last night John McCain was the winner of both the Republican and Democratic Primaries, since he's the Republican nominee, and the Democrats can't decide who they really want. (He will probably not consider either Obama, Hillary, or Bill for V.P.)

Full slog ahead. I don't think any of us will be any cleaner by the time this spin cycle is over.


  1. I believe you. In fact, I may feel much dirtier by the time we are done.


  2. Yours is the best report I heard!

  3. My bet is.. that Hilary can't win on the top of the ticket without Obama, but I think he can win with almost anyone he chooses.

    I don't know who McCain is going to choose, but they better be inspired or I think he'll be in trouble.