Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Once upon a time I was very proud of myself. I had two darling little girls, and a newborn baby boy. I was living far away from any family (i.e. free help & babysitting). Despite this hardship I managed to be pretty on top of things. I had a good TV/movie policy. I stuck to it. My children benefited from it. It was a good thing.

The policy was this: daily time in front of the television would exist of short, mostly educational type stuff (this does not equal boring, it just needed to teach something). Jobs/chores needed to be done before we could turn on a movie. And one day a week would be Big Movie Day. Big Movie Day meant we could watch one full-length feature film together.

I instituted this plan when I realized that both of my daughters were imitating- a little too well- the way {insert name of your favorite Disney princess here} runs crying broken heartedly up the stairs. Whenever something didn't go their way that was the reaction of my girls. Along with other happy imitations.

This plan worked well. And everyone, including me, looked forward to Big Movie Day.


Big Movie Day is no more, or every day is Big Movie Day. Take your pick, either way, there is no specialness or discipline involved. Well, there is a little discipline. But it is surely not what it was.

We are not a big visual media consumptive family. We hardly ever watch TV. And movies are still limited. But I do feel strongly about what and how much I let my kids watch, and right now I wish it were a teeny bit less. But I am definitely a part of that equation.

I blame it on the birth of another baby, followed by a move back across the country, etc., etc. It's just taken me awhile to get on top of things, and if I am not on top of things, then at least the television is, you know!

I have a dream...a goal...a vision of the future. Someday, once more, we will limit the amount of movies watched at this house to more of a weekly schedule. Someday. But I need a little more time...just a little bit!


  1. I recommend Kipper. My daughter was a bit obsessed with Kipper, but that was OK because he was so good at teaching her kindness and good manners. :)

    Books are best.. but the right shows can make a point to your kid that you might not be able to as easily. :)

  2. Just blame it on winter and realize that soon we will all get out and play a bit more!

  3. Thanks for helping me feel better!