Thursday, March 27, 2008

my universe is changing ~ re-post

There's that old saying that the only thing constant is change. I guess that must be so. My life has had its periods of movement and stillness, with moments of stillness within the movement and movement within the stillness. It allows for some growth and then reprieve. We moved across country at the end of August last year, and then had about 6 months of settling in. But ever since my little guy was born things seem to have not really stopped shifting around. He came March 29th. Since then there has been a constant parade of visits to receive and to make, the inevitable changes to a home a new addition brings, the unscheduled flux of summertime. It's been fun, and a little tiring. Okay, some of it has been a lot tiring and I am grateful that Fall is coming (I think some synonyms for Fall are order, schedule, and pace). But just as the summer is winding down I hear this while coming home from the grocery store.

Can you believe it!?! You thought I was kidding about my universe changing, prone to exaggeration. But no, it is literally true. They are seriously considering taking away the status of Pluto as a planet. Turns out that it's more of a lucky rock, I guess, who ended up in the outskirts orbiting a nice star, and got recognized somehow. It's a little bit discouraging, because haven't we all wanted to live that dream?

So Pluto is getting demoted. Sigh. There goes a staple from my childhood - all those pictures drawn of the Solar System. Nine is such a nice odd number which can neatly be divided into subsets of three. (Hang around me enough and you'll find I am a fan of odd numbers.) Well, I guess we'll all carry on. Ben is finally home from a three week stint in Utah and we have a few weeks before school starts. The weather is slowly cooling down. I guess I'm saying that I am still living on a planet not likely to lose it's title as such, and it keeps rotating and spinning so that life moves forward, just like it has for the last million years or so. And who knows? Maybe Pluto was getting tired of the classification it's carried around for a century, and is ready for a change.

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