Tuesday, March 4, 2008


An award! For me! From Lei (Thanks, Lei)! And it's taken me about fifty years to say thank you! I'm a little busy...

Lei and I actually figured out sometime ago that we were both in a modern dance group at the same time in college. Small world.

It's nice to have people like what you have to write about and how you write about it. There are rules that go with
A Roar For Powerful Words . I am to share 3 pieces of writing advice and pass on the award to five deserved bloggers. But (and I am sure this is against the rules) I don't have time right now to think of either the three (there must be something I can share...), or the five (there are certainly five great writers out there that I read). My brain is stretched a little thin right now. So I'm going to say that I will try and get to that part...promise.

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  1. What modern dance group was that? And where? I wasn't ever in a group per say, but I did take some modern tech classes at BYU. I'm definitely bias towards barefeet - well I like tap too, but modern is my favorite. Ho hum the days when I had the flexability, health and strength to do that. . .
    Oh and congrats on your award. You do have a very entertaining blog.