Monday, March 3, 2008

some bits and pieces

A few nights ago our home teachers (men from our church who are supposed to help with big moving projects and spiritual lessons) came over to give our family a spiritual thought. I looked past the fact that they called a little before dinner time to see if they could stop by later and said sure, because why not? It was after all, a school night! They are nice enough guys. I don't know them very well. But when the first one sat down and said they had been talking about how they realize that their wives are pregnant and tired, but [pregnancy] is hard on them, too!--I wanted to bop them both on the head.

In celebration of Leap Year, I took up painting over the weekend. Actually, I paint from time to time. Nothing spectacular, mind you. I am an amateur. But I like the creative outlet, which requires a different kind of creative than writing, and that's nice for my brain. Friday was sunny and I thought "this is a good day for painting." It's not quite done yet, but I'll show it to you when I am done, if you like. Also, it's nice to have a February 29th every once in a while.

In other news, we had church at glorious 9 a.m. yesterday, which may not sound nice to you, but after starting at 2:30 in the afternoon, this was heaven. Also my bashful son went to nursery. So the baby and I actually made it to our other meetings! A splendid thing, for a Sunday. Then we came home, ate chocolate chip cookies, played Yatzee and had a nice family day.

Also, I'm working on some new bloggy things. Hopefully they will be ready to go in the next few days. I'm not sure if they're vanity projects or not. But what if? I'm excited about them anyway...stay tuned.


  1. don't you love those last minute home teacher visits? by the way, i'm hillary. i just found your blog last night and i already love it. :)

  2. It's always a good day when your toddler stays in nursery. Phew! I'm pregnant myself - I don't think I would have refrained. . .I just wish my husband could be pregnant for one day - you know one of those nauseating, braxton hicks, kicking you in the ribs, didn't get any sleep last night, can't hold your bladder while laughing/sneezing/coughing,swollen aching feet, while trying not to pick up your toddler who keeps tugging at your pants and crying "mommy!" with yogurt all over their hands days. Yeah - just one would do I think.