Friday, September 8, 2006

100 acre wood

Ever since she was teeny-tiny my daughter has had a wild, vivid imagination. The Land of Make-believe is not just a place that exists on Mr. Rogers, it is where she lives about 99.9% of the time. In a small corner of this vast landscape lives Rabbit. Yes, the Rabbit who lives next to Piglet and that Silly Ol' Bear. She likes all of the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood; she enjoys Tigger, talks occassionally about "Christmas-ser Robin" but for some reason she has a real fondness for the guy with the carrots. Except do you want to know something? Rabbit prefers junkfood.

Yes, I have often had a phone call from Rabbit, sick with a tummyache, from eating too much candy. I've told him to go take a nap and to stop eating all that candy. More often these days though, I just hear about what is going on through my daughter. Her conversation is casually peppered with facts and information about Rabbit and his daily life. For example I learned the other day that Rabbit's mom is really old. She's more than 100! She's almost the oldest person in the world! Then on Sunday while driving to church, our daughter informed us that Rabbit's mom had died. Frankly, I wasn't surprised because if I live to be a hundred, that will be grand, but I expect I'll be ready to pass on. Later this week however, miracles of miracles, Rabbit's mom was once again alive. And now she was eighteen. No, actually nineteen, and acting like a teenager, because apparently, she let Rabbit stay up really late the other night! (It was bedtime when I learned this).
"Wow," I said. "Rabbit must have been really grumpy the next day."
"Yeah," said my daughter. And then this mom put her child to bed a little early.

So, if you've ever had a burning desire to know more about Rabbit and all his friends and relations, let me know. Because while A.A. Milne was kind of vague about them, and Disney left them out all together, my daughter knows all of the details about every friend and relation there is in Rabbit's life. And she is more than happy to share them.


  1. what a great imagination!

  2. I love when they take a story you've told them and then let their imagination run wild. It also scares me. I wonder what sort of creative license Laylee is taking when she talks about our lives to her friends.

  3. I keep reading this over and over because it's so cute and funny. I can't wait for Lilly to start talking and having an imagination like that.