Wednesday, September 13, 2006

moms, cannibalism, and other good stuff

For some strange reason, completely unbeknownst to me, my girls have this on-going joke about eating each other. I know that kids go through a "killing" phase where they pretend to kill things (it's monsters that they track down at our house) without any real concept of what they mean, but I haven't ever read about a cannibalism stage.
Me: What should we have for dinner tonight?
Them: I know! Her! (each pointing to the other).
My youngest of the two once defended her right to a continued existence by appealing to the other, "No, don't eat me! Because then you couldn't talk to me anymore and there would be no me!"

So the other night they were going through the run down orchestrated by my sister, Natalie. Somewhere along the line, it was suggested that I be the lucky one to be eaten. Natalie said to them, "But then you wouldn't have a mom! What would you do with no mom?"

My oldest didn't skip a beat. "I'd get married."


  1. For some reason I find this extremely endearing. cute...? I guess I have problems.

    Love the picture above.