Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I believe in fairies

Don't you love the imagination of kids? Their reality is so infused with their own musings and ideas, they can just live in Nevernever Land without ever realizing that it's only Anytown, USA. No ticking crocodiles and men with hooks for hands and mermaids in the lagoon. But they don't know any different!

Yesterday morning my girls suddenly broke into a flurry of excitement. Tinker Bell was here! They could hear a little chime sounding and they were looking around desperately for the fairy! She was here!
She was here! And they were going to find her!

It was somewhat terrifying and overwhelming for the two-year old, who wasn't sure what to do with Tinker Bell, but she kept looking anxiously for a little light flying around the house. It was so funny to watch! Imagine my surprise when I heard the chime too!

My sister has been visiting for the weekend. She came downstairs just in time to hear Tink signaling to us with a calm but persistent voice that she was still there waiting to be discovered. "Has that thing been going off all morning!" she said. And then she walked over to her purse, reached in and turned off her Blackberry. Now, you think that might ruin it for the girls, wouldn't you. But no, this morning the phenomenon repeated itself and everyone delightfully looked for Tinkerbell once more. It's good to live in a house with people who believe in fairies, you know?

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