Friday, September 15, 2006

adventures of a hapless cook

My oven is not working. Something broke on Sunday inbetween the baking of the breadsticks and the pizza. Fortunatley our kind neighbors let us use their oven for the remainder of our baking needs. Our landlady called yesterday and left a message saying that on Thursday some repair man was going to show up to fix the oven, but I am really hoping that she actually meant Friday, which is today and not Thursday because that's a week later.

I am not a big baker, but I do occassionally like to throw something in the oven like some cookie dough or something along those lines. Also quiche. Yesterday I decided that quiche would be a great thing to have on a rainy day for dinner and since I couldn't bake it in the oven I would cook it on the stove. A crustless quiche. It was going to become all the rage. Cooks everywhere would be clammoring for my recipe and advice, which would be really funny, considering the kind of cook I am. So I mixed all of the ingredients together and poured it into a skillet to let it fry.

And as an afterthought I decided to check out the omelet portion of a cookbook, because this was kind of omelet-ish, but it wasn't helpful since my quiche mixture had already cooked past the point of making it like an omelet. The end result was something that looked like it came from an Army mess hall (how would I know this? Hey, I had school lunch, isn't that the equivalent? Also, I watched M.A.S.H.) but it tasted decent and the girls ate it right up. So while I didn't score high in the presentation section, the taste section and the feeding your children section got pretty high marks. You probably won't be reading about my recipie in Cooks Weekly and the Food Network has yet to knock on my door. But I have a week, people! Next up, oven-less chocolate chip cookies!


  1. i am told you can cook cookies in a toaster oven. although you can only cook 6 at a time and it takes like 20 minutes. hmmm... come to think about it i'm not really sure its worth it

    hopefully your landlord meant friday

  2. Too funny. I've made that same recipe many times. But I started by trying to make an omelet and ended up with something else. Who needs an oven for cookies? We usually eat half the dough anyway. Mmm, cookie dough.

  3. well, I don't have a toaster oven, but if I heated up my cast iron pan, maybe that would work? and apparently the landlady really did mean thursday.

    yeah- I prefer the cookie dough, but I feel like if I at least cook some of it I have less chance of getting salmonella or something...I have impressive logic, I know