Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the better to see you with, my dear

My house. Lunchtime. The kitchen table.
My sister has just fixed lunch for the girls and is telling them they need to eat their carrots before they can leave the table.

"Why?" asks my oldest.
"Because they are healthy for you," says Natalie, repeating my healthy food mantra.
"But how are they healthy for you?" my daughter persists.
"They're good for your eyes. They help you see better."

This explanation seems to placate her and so Natalie turns her attention to my other daughter who, after hearing this conversation, has taken one of her carrots and is holding it up to her eye like an astronomer with his telescope, searching diligently for a new star.


  1. Whenever that topic came up at our dinner table when I was little my father would always offer proof that carrots were good for us by saying, "Have you ever seen a bunny with glasses?" It's so stupid but I still use it with my kids

  2. hmm, i never had that problem, i love carrots, but im sure one day i'll have that problem with my own kids.

    haha, a bunny with glasses, that's just silly!

  3. What a hoot. Kids are so literal. Maybe if they need some more convincing you could show them that Gilligan's Island episode where Maryann eats all the carrots. . . or was it Ginger?. . . anyway, somebody eats the radioactive carrots and gets supreme ultra vision. It still doesn't get them off the darn island, but it's a fun episode and oh so realistic.