Thursday, September 14, 2006

I can dream, can't I?

Just finished filling out a survey. Personally I'm hoping that one of my many Home Depot receipt surveys come through for me, because they are for a $5000 gift card and Target is for a paltry $500. Well, I won't quibble if Target wants to award me $500 for letting them know what I think about their employee friendliness, store cleanliness, food freshness, etc. Honestly I wonder about the effectiveness regarding this method of gathering info. I can't say I get all excited about letting the Powers-That-Be-In-The-Corporate-Board-Rooms-of-America know exactly what I think about my shopping experience at their store. But if they find my half-hearted answers helpful, that's great. And if they'd be so kind to bestow some free products on me, that's even better.


  1. I would love to let them know what I think about the Mount Vernon Target--as if I think that would make a difference. I miss the SuperTarget by my mom's in UT.

  2. at the gap (old navy too) you may not get to enter a humongous drawing that you'll never win, but you get 10% off your next purchase for filling out the survey! i'm a sucker!