Thursday, September 28, 2006

winken, blinken and nod

I'm a tired mom. So you'll forgive me if this post is short. Very short. It's been a day. I did wash the dishes, and that, folks, is an accomplishment because they sat there on the counter most of the day making faces at me. I ran the hot water several times to fill up the sink, and then just couldn't get into the kitchen to clean them. It was like there was some forcefield repelling me away. Or that I have superpowers but someone has hidden kryptonite somewhere in my house and that has effectively stopped my cleaning abilities. It's a vicious circle because as long as it's there I can't clean, but unless I clean I won't be able to find it and get rid of it!

Well, whatever. My team won their football game tonight and I'm going to bed early, probably not even waiting up to hear the post-game coach's show. Which if you know me, says something. Good night!


  1. I hope you had a good sleep. I'm in the same cycle. My sister and a friend do phone clean-athons sometimes, where they talk but they're not allowed to stop cleaning or they have to hang up the phone. Maybe we could break the cycle together.

  2. i never wanna clean, but my excuse is that im prego and the fumes, or the stinky dirty smell makes me gag. and the vacuum cleaner is too heavy, and the list goes on and on, so basically i havent cleaned my house in entirely too long. hmmm....

    my mission this weeked is to try to organize the "office" (a.k.a the junk room) so in the near future we'd be able to fit a crib in there.

    wish me luck!

  3. I am tired too. I hope you got some rest.

    Our former bishops wife got her kitchen remodeled and chose not to put in a dishwasher. She said she wanted the feeling of the family doing the dishes together after the meal. She had older kids by then.

    Maybe try some paper plates??

  4. Allysha,
    I just found your blog, you know how one leads to another, very entertaining, you put into words so well the feeling, there definitely is a forcefield feeling at times around some cleaning projects, I'm so glad to know it wasn't just me and that maybe there is a bit of kryptonite lurking about. Well out.