Sunday, September 17, 2006

auto mechanics

My oldest just started pre-school and she couldn't be more excited. She has a fascination with all things school and places of learning. Tonight she was asking if a friend could come over tomorrow and play, but like many of the girls in our neighborhood, this friend has embarked into a new frontier: Kindergarten.

My daughter can barely fathom the deep reaches of information
and intelligence that await her next year. There is a sort of awe she holds for this esteemed education level and the ones that follow ("what grade are you in, Dad? grade 100?"). So the conversation took a turn from play-dates to learning.

"Will I get to build a car next year?" she asked.
"In kindergarten, is that where you learn to build cars?"
"I think that building a car might be a little too complicated for kindergarten."
"Oh." She thought for a moment. "Then in third grade? Or maybe fourth."
"Maybe." I said.

So I don't know about building cars, but the educational system is going to have some serious fast-tracking to do if they don't want to disappoint my girl and her expectations of all that is beyond.


  1. Your girls are hilarious!

  2. awww a little girl that wants to build cars, thats just the cutest thing ever!!