Monday, May 19, 2008

8 years, 6 moves, 4 kids, & 2 states later

That's actual States of the Union. Of the United States.

States of Mind and whatever else have been numerous and varying and interesting. Also four real live kids. Good kids, sweet kids, crazy kids. And six different places we've lived, some of them better than others, but all amply adequate because we were there together.

A lot of ground gets covered in eight years. With plenty more ground on the horizon. And plenty more sky on the horizon too, for that matter.

So, lots of earth and sky behind us -- lots of earth and sky before us. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Happy Anniversary, Ben.

photograph by Guy Giersch


  1. Rock on, I say.

    (You know, with 6 moves and 4 kids, just a couple states seems a little wimpy.... California? Ohio? Melbourne? Whaddya think?)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wow, you guys have accomplished a lot!