Wednesday, May 7, 2008

let's see those pearly whites

Pediatric Dentists.

Do you take your small children to one?
What age do you start those visits?

My pediatrician says, "Now."

Considering my two year-old's reaction when he was at the pediatrician's office last week, I say NO WAY. I don't have the energy to drag my children to the dentist for what will surely be an impossible, and therefore unproductive visit. I'm not going to pay for what can happen here at home for free, without the funny smell and the blue napkin bib around someone's neck. I have no desire to wrestle someone into sobbing submission just to say I did it. And then have to hold them while their mouth is pried open. I can see it all before me like a vision. And I am not that crazy. I am currently at a limit of what I can handle. My desire of self-torture is limited. My stamina is limited. And for the moment, it does not extend to the dentist's office.

So sue me. My kids will go to the dentist when I can handle it. So, we may have to wait a little while longer.

We will brush our teeth, however. Nightly, even. Because we do that already.


  1. Sometimes I lay awake at night feeling guilty (and like I'm the only one) for not having taken my kids to the dentist yet. I can't handle it either. And I don't trust anyone but my husband's uncle or cousin to do the job. Too bad they live 2000 miles away.

    Don't feel bad. You have company. :)

  2. We started c going to the dentist at 2. I really don't know how productive I thought it was that young. She had to have a little cavity filled when she was about 5 and it was so funny. I stood there with her and she was really scared. In the middle of the drilling she asked the destist to stop because she needed a hug. All the assistents got the biggest kick out of that. So, she does love our dentist.. he better never retire.

  3. Our dentist is absolutely fabulous with kids. However, with that being said I still flat out refuse to take my three year old Little Monster Man in. After all, sitting still for story time and music time at the library doesn't even happen. In this situation, mothers know best!

    We started taking my daughter in at 3 1/2 or maybe 4, but she is a much better behaved child.

    Don't feel any guilt, especially since you are already brushing regularly.

  4. If you can find a dentist who lets them squirt around with the cool water squirty thing (oh, the literature expert in me is just hiding right now, it's almost 2Am here in ─░stanbul) and play with the chair and other nifty tools, they'll beg for a visit back. My 5 year old actually asked to have his birthday there.

    The only reason why I went was that I have Sjogrens and my teeth rot like crazy and I thought having sealants would maybe prevent cavities for the boys in the future.

  5. My second son's teeth developed with weak enamel which we did not find out about until he was almost three years old. He had to have caps put on his teeth in a surgical procedure. I wish I had taken him in sooner.

  6. I took my 4 year old daughter for the first dental cleaning in January - to see how it would go. It was free with our insurance. I sat in there with our 2 year old son and watched them clean her teeth. She did a great job. It went so well that I asked if they could do our sons right then too. And since he had just seen his sister do it, he did fine. It made me feel a little relief that they said their teeth look good. And the dentist gave them stickers and let them choose a little toy. It was great, way better than I expected.

  7. I first took my children when they were three and a half. As the regular trips to the pediatrician for shots decreased, the more regular trips to the dentist increased. Now, we go there far more often than to the doctor. The sealants are worth it on their permanent molars. No cavities yet on my three.

  8. Just make sure they are getting floride and you are probably ok. If you live in a state without floridated water than you might want to look into supplements. Other that that you are probably fine until they are older.