Friday, May 30, 2008

that's entertainment

While at the local *mart last week I picked up a few fun summer props for those days that get a little s l o w. The enormously gigantic bottle of bubbles was revealed immediately. Kids like bubbles. But they are common enough, so no big reaction there.

Then my sneaky-peaky daughter (thanks, Junie B Jones) discovered the jacks I had up on the shelf in the closet. They came down the same day school ended. So much for pulling them out at an opportune moment.

Next to the jacks in a plastic sack is a big tub of sidewalk chalk. Which, I suspect my daughter has already ferreted out, because this morning she started talking about the fun sidewalk chalk they had at school and how she never got to play with it, and how she would Love to Draw Lovely Pictures on the sidewalk. If only she could find some chalk. Sigh.

Yes, if only.

But yikes. It is only the BEGINNING of the SECOND day since school ended! Come on, people! I was at least hoping for a week before my entire bag of tricks was spilled. Albeit, it is/was a very small bag of tricks. But hey, I'm doing what I can on a limited budget. Okay, kiddos? Give me a break! And no more climbing up the shelves of the closet. I mean it!

I have not denied or confirmed the existence of such chalk in our house, although I imagine it's only a matter of time. I am determined to hold out. Just a little longer.

At LEAST until.....this afternoon? No. Really. I'm planning on a little bit longer than that.

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