Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"the quality of the theory is key"

Life and Death do not exist consecutively, but simultaneously. If you are not alive, there is no threat of death. *

The needs of the organism are not always consistent with the needs of the self. *

“Here-and-now” is anomalous to linear time because of the very fact that you are not dealing specifically with separate pasts, and separate issues. The interactions between the group are going to be indicative of interactions that the group members have outside of a therapy session. As group members deal with their colleagues, and work through issues that are occurring at that moment inside the group, they are learning to deal with other people outside of the group in the same way. So the issues of “when I was a child” don’t call the therapists to put all of his/her attention on that. It is the person learning that in the here-and-now they can change their reaction, regardless of the childhood event. *

* Notes for a college psych class. I occasionally think of deleting them from my hard drive, but then how would I remember I ever wrote that kind of stuff? Obviously if you need some analysis, I am the one to come to. I'm inexpensive, too. Not to mention, effective. But not in a causal or linear sense. Promise.

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