Friday, May 23, 2008

baby, baby

This little girl...

is turning 1 today. I can hardly believe it. Was it really just a year ago we were at the hospital waiting for her to show up?

I remember I was talking to my mom shortly after my son was born when I had an inkling of the little spirit who would be next. I was tired, of course. Exhausted, actually. And the last thing someone wants to think about after having a baby, is having another one right away. You're just too tired. And yet, I knew. I knew that my next little babe would be showing up sooner than later. And sooner it was. She was born just 14 months after her brother. It turns out, her timing was impeccable. I can't imagine life without her and am so glad she came when she did.

My baby is truly a sweetheart. Her personality is cheerful and happy. She loves to laugh. She loves to lay her head on my shoulder while I rock her. She will scream in her crib for a long time if she doesn't want to be there. And she's not going to be a baby much longer.

As child no. 4, I've watched her to see what familial patterns might emerge. Is she like her slightly older brother? Which older sister does she seem to take after? But, in looks and personality, just like her siblings, she is utterly and completely herself.

I love you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday. (I'll post b-day picts later.)


  1. wow, i cannot believe it either! happy bday baby!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet baby! :)