Tuesday, May 13, 2008

today is productive

I learned through sk*rt the other day that Tuesday followed by Wednesday, should be my most productive days of the week. Monday you plan. Tuesday and Wednesday you execute. Then I suppose that Thursday you crash and Friday you crawl to the finish line, thankful for the weekend. Except now sk*rt is kirtsy! and you should know about that little switch, and make any little changes necessary so that you can stop by there to find out about lots of fun and interesting things on a regular basis. Like when you are suppose to be productive.



  1. I like the new name.. but I've been wondering why they switched!

  2. The short version is that they switched under many messy threats of never-ending lawsuits from a grouchy company now getting a lot of bad press.

    They actually won the first go-round but decided it wasn't worth the hassle to waste their time and money.