Tuesday, May 27, 2008

summah plans

The Summer Holiday is Upon Us! It lurks around the corner, nay even tomorrow afternoon will it appear and be. I must ask myself one question: Am I Ready?

All those empty days to waiting to be filled...

My daughter is only finishing her kindergarten year, and yet, I begin to understand why it is that parents have an affinity for the school season. School not only lets the parent get things done, it also provides things for the kids to get done, there by helping to balance out the all-too-prevalent "I'm bored" syndrome.

I have vague plans. They include fun and educational learning activities, good music, and whiffle ball in the back yard. But I need to think them through. I am ruminating (a good word) on the place of movies in my children's Summer diet. I think they are going to be greatly limited. Not only will movies be limited. Our travel will also be limited, thanks to the soaring price of gas, so most activities need to happen at home. Hmmm.

So, off I go to ruminate and plan. Wish me luck. Send ideas. With cash, if you like.

image via Blog Con Queso. I have no idea where she got it.


  1. 2 hours of water fights (squirt guns and mini balloons) in the morning, followed by arts and crafts time where they get to paint their bodies then 2 more hours of water fights. Yes. That's a plan that'll work with my kids - but my 8 year old is going to summer camp for the first time in his life this summer - I am both a bit excited yes very sad at the same time...

  2. Although my kids are older I am going back to one of my younger days idea--we are going to read aloud together after lunch and hope to complete a big adult book by the need of summer.