Wednesday, May 14, 2008

heavy cloud, no rain

May 14th is the 134th day of the year. Except this year, because of leap year, it is the 135th day of the year. There are 231 days left.

Dante was born on May 14th in 1265, as was Albert Einstein's son, Hans in 1904. Frank Sinatra died on this day. Henry IV of France was assassinated in 1610.

It is cloudy today. I'd like some rain because the lawn REALLY needs it. But the forecast is only for clouds. And that's all. No rain. Just clouds.

Let it also be known that on this day, Allysha posted something on her blog. And while it wasn't tremendous, it was done. And maybe someday that will show up on the May 14th list on Wikipedia. Or not.

Trivia: the title to this post is also the title to a song by..... (and Bethany! You can't answer, because I already know you know).

If you need a hint, his real name is Gordon.


  1. I know I know - he's a yoga guy, and used be in a group with a name of legal enforcement. :)

  2. Elton John? Gordon Lightfoot? Prince?

  3. zeynep- too funny!
    and tiff- nope!

  4. I think his birthday is either the 2nd or the 5th of october, 1951


    I could sing all the lyrics, but have been banned from participating.