Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging. It's cheaper than therapy

I'm sure someone must have this as their tag line. And it's true. Like getting out my ambivalence about Mother's Day. That was completely therapeutic and I then had a lovely day, full of poetry and cookies, and crepes, and flowers, and a nap, all thanks to Ben and the kiddos.

Or watching some guy do a goofy happy dance all over the world, thanks to Annie's blog, and totally crying while I watched. Hel-looo! I don't know what the deal is with me. I'm currently a little prone to random sets of tears. I think it must be good for me.

I have things to write for Just an Orange. But they are currently beyond my brain. So, maybe I'll take a week's hiatus. We'll see. I mean, I kind of took a week off last week, too. So, like I said. We'll see.

Also, I am trying to decide whether or not to switch this little blog over to Wordpress. I can not decide. I'm fond of many aspects of Blogger. And some aspects of Wordpress. I wish they'd merge. I also need to direct Bells On Their Toes to my dot com domain, but must work over a few things first. It's taking me awhile to do this because it requires some time and some energy from me, and a little from Ben so it might be best to wait until Spring Semester ends.

Also, I have recently become kind of attached to my Google page rank, which isn't shooting through the roof. But it is a four. Which must mean that even if you don't leave comments (and thanks to those who do), somebody must like my blog. Which is therapeutic. Or just obsessive. Which ever. But when I start all over, my page rank will have to start all over. So maybe obsessive is the word.

Still, blogging is cheaper than therapy. Enjoy your Monday.


  1. Blogging is my therapy, too. Sometimes I forget how much it helps to write things down until I get a post up and then I just feel better about whatever the bothersome situation was.

    I have really enjoyed Wordpress, but I keep meaning to switch it over to my own domain name, but I don't have the patience or the desire to have to rebuild all my links. Yeah, I am crazy. Or maybe it is the pregnancy hormones. Or both.

  2. I vote for bells not switching over.. I hate change.. that's my grumpy two cents :)

  3. I don't know about google's rankings, but the blogmeter thingy I use shows where people read the blog from. I only have a few readers a day, and mostly from the US & Turkey - but I do wonder, who reads from Australia? Or Spain? Egypt? and Belgium... And you're totally right - it definitely IS cheaper than therapy :)

    People tell me they love WP, but I am too lazy to switch...