Saturday, October 21, 2006

are you sure about this?

Today is the day for our church "Trunk or Treat." The girls are giddy at the thought of candy, candy, candy! I'm really not cut out to handle 2 hyper-active small ones bouncing off my walls on a sugar high, but since their dad and I will probably be doing most of the candy eating (secretly, of course) we'll most likely all survive just fine.

But that brings me to these musings...Trunk-or-Treat. I know we think of it as the safer and more benign companion to Trick-or-Treat, but if you look at it semantically and pragmatically which one off hand would you rather have your child participate in? The activity where your kid might "accidently" sit on a whoopee cushion or the one where they are lured by the possibility of a smallish size snickers bar and then grabbed and thrown into someone's trunk and driven away? I just wanted to help you be on guard and aware. You never know at this time a year.

Also, while not too jazzed about his current state of mobility, the babe is doing relatively fine.


  1. At least he looks happy--we do trunk or treats too and I dread them because it means 17.5 pounds of candy in under 14 minutes. It's like speed-dating Halloween style.

  2. haha, speed dating halloween style.

    he still looks cute, even all bandaged up. what a smile!!!

  3. You got me laughing on two couts there...first off, the warning about trunk-and-treat (Which compared to my childhood memories is paltry...sigh) and then the link you had to a sight with a woopie cushion...ha ha. I was laughing.