Saturday, October 14, 2006

a saturday in october

We went apple picking today. Despite a few many things that could have been done around the house, despite Ben being crazy busy with school/thesis etc., etc., we headed out to the apple orchard, because I think if you live here in the Northeast, it's a law.

We had a beautiful drive up looking at all the lovely leaves changing color. Also all three children fell asleep. That had it's down side, because my middle darling takes a while to get over the post-sleep grumpies. It was chilly. We (I) forgot the baby's jacket. Middle dearest wanted to be carried the entire time. Of course the baby did, too, but that's expected. Then some clouds blew in with the chilly air and threatened to rain. In the end we got some good apples (I wish I'd gotten more, but when I picked up the bag the kids were on the verge of breakdown, so I figured the smaller the bag, the safer we'll be, the happier we'll be, tra-la-la-la.) I think we got a few good pictures, but I haven't looked at them yet. If there are some I like, I'll post 'em. All in all it was a good time. Another memory drop in the family bucket o' fun.

Now everyone is in bed (theoretically, that is. My girls have been coming down occassionally to ask me what the names of their stuffed animals are. I have named two of their dogs Ginger and Bonnie. If you know what I'm talking about then that should make you smile.) I'm grabbing my book, a tall glass of water, maybe an apple, and calling it a night!


  1. Twenty minutes till bedtime for kids here (but who's counting?) Hold on till seven, hold on till seven . . .

    I don't know how people survive life when their kids are up till eleven. I'd be going crazy without some down time.

  2. ahhh, this reminds me of the times that my own parents dragged us out to pick apples. i mean, mom don't you know that other people get paid to do this, and then we can buy them at the store. duh! why do i have to be the slave worker and pick apples for you? i dont even like apples.

    of course now looking back, it was good times, but at the time boy did i complain.