Monday, October 23, 2006

word association

My daughter is happily munching down some candy garnered from the weekend Trunk-or-Treat.
"This is good!" she says. "It has chocolate and peanutbutter. What is it called?"
"It's a Reeses peanut butter cup," I tell her.
"Peanut butter cup?" she says. "Butter cup. Buttercup is that crazy girl who falls into a hole!" she says, then runs away.

Yes, that crazy Princess Bride. Quicksand always did get her into trouble.


  1. yes, i agree, she is a crazy girl.

  2. Did she stop with just one? It's not even Halloween and already the candy is flowing free around here. I'm starting to see kids stuck to the ceiling from their sugar highs. Grrr!

  3. actually she only ate half. it's one of her virtues that she really doesn't like a lot of candy and so just picks through it and eats some. her sister is another story though, but at least that one also LOVES her vegetables. good luck getting your kids of the ceiling! or maybe don't worry about it until after New Year's.