Monday, October 9, 2006

hindsight is 20/20; sometimes foresight is too

Sometimes you just know, but once the offer is out there it's hard to but it back in your mouth. Even when your busy husband says that really it's fine to leave the girls while you go walking, you just have to be benevolent. Besides your girls are already excited about going with mom, anyway. And you're only leaving the recently fed baby with dad, and so even if the exercise routine is a little less-than, at least someone will get some work done. You repeat this in your mind as you walk out the door herding the kids down the stairs and glancing at the baby who doesn't look very happy about being left out, nevermind that he's already nursed and eated some yummy pears to boot. Also nevermind that he gets a little panicky when mom's gone, nevermind that he hasn't been feeling great, at least that's the assumption because he was so sad and grumpy yesterday.... Yes, sometimes you just know, but you can't stop it from happening. The ball is rolling and there's no stopping it until it hits the pins.

I didn't get much exercise and baby was crying in full-force when we got home, despite the additional food Ben was trying to get into his mouth between cries and typing up a sentence or two. So Ben didn't get as much done as he could have if I had just left the girls to entertain the baby who wouldn't have noticed I was gone.
The girls did have a good time, and it was fun to listen to them talk about the ducks and trees and the big, bad wolf who lives in the forest, but I realized how much exercise time is also "me" time. Well, live and learn.

Wish me luck. Apparently a tornado struck our house this weekend without our notice (or approval, I might add) and has strewn toys and clothes everywhere, so I'm off to the races, where I can gamble on a fast horse and hopefully win enough money to pay for a maid. Cheers!


  1. Don't go for the best horse. Just put a little something on the fifth- or sixth-ranked. That should cover a couple cleanings. (The kitchen was so clean Saturday morning, even the fridge, I thought it would spread to the rest of the house. Alas, it went the other way--entropy, once again, has prevailed.)

  2. house cleaning, its never done, after after a full day of work, i really dont much feel like cleaning toilets. so i put it off until saturday, which then i decide i want to rest and not work at all, and the cycle continues

  3. Darn those tornadoes. We have a few that live our house from time to time. If only we could harness their power for good.

  4. you know allysha - you really should talk to pecos bill about this tornado problem. i am sure he'd saddle up hess in a second and head out...east. although - he needs to return quickly to take care of my tornados - which he has so tenderly taken care of these last few weeks. but i'll lend him to you for a week or so. ha ha!