Tuesday, October 3, 2006

back to real life

For the past three months my 18 year-old sister, Natalie, has been staying with us. She had a regular babysitting gig here and picked up side jobs to earn money for school (she starts BYU-Idaho in January). Although it's not quite like I had a personal maid and nanny, Nat has made the past three months easier. She put the girls to bed when I couldn't. I could run to the store and grab something without having to haul all three children with me. She would do the dishes and mop the floor for me when I asked. She could get the baby when he was crying so I could finish with whatever I was doing (probably finishing some post). As Ben takes her to the airport so that she can go home and sleep in a real bed in her own bedroom and not on a blowup mattress, here I am, feeling a little sad. And not just because I do have some dishes that could use some washing. So here is a small tribute, which will probably cause her to roll her eyes.

Some things about Natalie: smart, beautiful, funny, witty, wonderful with my kids, just a good all-around person. Sorry we never got those corndogs. Next time? And just for you, go Mets! (Also, you owe me some vanilla.)


  1. back to real life for me too. I will miss you Natalie! Thanks for being so good to my little ones.

  2. hmmm, i gotta get me on of those. just kidding.

    well good luck to natalie in school, BYU-I is excellent (my alma mater) she'll LOVE it.

  3. i'm missing natalie too. both me and my kids love her. good luck at school. good luck keeping the boys at bay.

  4. I'm glad to have her back home! We've all missed having her around. So do you feel loved Natalie?