Thursday, October 26, 2006

one more time, for the record!

We passed the 1000 mark! 1029 to be exact. Amazing what people can do when they put their minds to it. And all in the same time span as the last counting period!


  1. I am slightly confused...probably because your link wasn't working on the computer and I am not sure what the excitement is all about...You have now eaten 1000 jelly beans? You have heard 1000 no's from children in the last week? You have 1000 poems published under names unknown on the internet?

  2. my link works...go to my earlier post about spam (11 days, 819 spam) lovely, lovely spam sent to my email account. what could be better than that?

    the jelly beans would make me sick. I have probably been the one to say 1000 no's, and I don't have 1000 poems worth publishing on the internet. Maybe a few.

  3. this is exactly why i have a separate email account just for spam, and when you have to put a valid email for things online i use my spam account. i get about 200/day, and my personal account remains almost none at all.

    sorry for all those people trying to peddle things to you to make a body organ that you dont have larger/etc.

  4. Actually I am fortunate in that my spam is generally for "free" gift certficates, and shopping sprees at various places and electronics.