Monday, November 13, 2006

here today

I've always enjoyed remembering the good ol' times and anticipated with the best of them the events on the horizon. I like having things to look forward to. I think that nostalgia and anticipation are important parts of life. I know there have been times where a lot of my time was spent wandering through journal entries, real or the ones filed away in my mind's memory box, or just counting down the days until a certain occasion arrived. Not always the best use of a day, I admit.

It's good to learn how to be in the now. How to enjoy the little moments. Or the big moments. Having a family, I have to say, has grounded me, and made me see the importance of these things. But that doesn't mean past and future have gone out the window. Oh no. So while I am very aware that I am here. Right now. In this very present place. With the very present bed waiting to be made... There are a few things I am looking forward to and they are making today a little bit sweeter.

- The birth of my nephew
- Sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving
- The first good snow fall
- Decorating the Christmas tree
- Ben finishing his thesis
- Christmas carols
- Wassail
- More Christmas stuff, but I won't go into detail (see a pattern here?)...
- A really good banana peach smoothie that I hope won't break my blender (it's not a very sturdy blender)

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