Thursday, November 9, 2006

get out the confetti!

I'm getting sick, so I should be in bed but I just finished decorating. The night before birthdays at our house I pull out the crepe paper and some balloons. If I've done all the shopping, am feeling ambitious, or if there is a BYU football game going on that I need to listen to, I'll stay up and wrap the presents as well. It's a fun little tradition that we all look forward to.

My two year-old is turning three. Hooray! I don't know that the antics of that lovely age will immediately disappear tonight at midnight (besides she was born in the evening) but I do like three year-olds and am excited to have another one. This is the child who was speaking in sentences at 19 months, who loves to dance, who idolizes her older sister, but not enough to give into her demands all of the time or even most of the time. Her language development seems to have detracted from other areas. She is the most scatter-brained child I know. It's so funny. Last year we were having an ice cream cone at McDonalds and she started looking for her's frantically because she couldn't find it. Ben pointed out to her that she was still holding it. She is very polite and always says thank you, even if she's just thrown a tantrum. She my blue-eyed blond and I love her.

Peace. Or, I'm two years old...

But I'm turing three.

Happy Birthday Bella-babe!


  1. I love the ice cream story. I have one who's a bit scatter-brained too. He's actually so smart it's scary but he tends to leave things behind wherever he goes. I think there's just too much going on in his head. Maybe that's true of your almost-three year old as well.

    Go cougars.

  2. She is so lovely. Happy Birthday!