Friday, November 24, 2006

lived to tell

We got up before the sun. We faced down the crowds. We hunted through the aisles, searched the shelves and culled the bargains. And were polite at the same time. Yes, Ben and I each participated in a small way in this Black Friday thing. But actually, neither one of us was at the door when the stores opened. Ben went out around 7 a.m. and when he came home I left to check out some stuff I'd seen on the internet and wanted to check price and quality. Turns out the www was a better deal for what I was looking for, so I came home and shopped online. There were crowds, but not overwhelming. The worst was not having a shopping cart and frankly, that made things easier. I wasn't too impressed by the bargains over all. I mean I did get some good deals for Christmas, but actually the best thing was getting the Star Wars DVDs IV, V, & VI for 10 bucks each in their original un-1990s-retechnologized state (sorry George Lucas, Henry James maybe pulled off a "redo," but you did not. Actually doesn't Mr. Lucas remind you of an ewok?), so that was fun. Anyway, to all of you die-hard shoppers out there: May the day be productive, not too tiring, may you get the bargains you were looking for, and maybe some good surprises you weren't expecting, and may the force be with you.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you also get comic books of those star wars episodes, in case the power goes out and you still need a fix.