Thursday, November 2, 2006

just call me oscar

When I get tired, really tired, I am not a happy person to be around. Especially if you happen to be my child. My buttons are most easily exposed and pushed by my children in this unhappy state. The night before Halloween I was up with some vicious stomach bug intent on evacuating anything in my body that wasn't anchored down. And I haven't completely recovered. I have managed to eat a few things but not enough to keep up with a nursing baby and the kids. So yesterday I was a grump. Actually I was down right jerky. Really. A complete jerk at times, to my children. This always seems to happen when I am actually trying to make a conscious effort to be a kind and loving mother. Not that I always get sick, but something completely derails me and I am left feeling like my best efforts are kind of a joke and my poor children and consigned to a life with a sub-par mother.

On top of this I am, of course, hosting preschool this week. Today is my final day. Thank goodness. I'm surprised I made it through Tuesday, which was, Halloween, which was the day after the night of sickness. And the kids were a little crazy hyper because it was Halloween. But also, we had some fun because, again, it was Halloween. Not that I haven't had any fun doing this. I have. But you know, it takes some energy. Anyway, I managed to pull together a lesson last night after putting the kids to bed at 6:30. And I am really hoping that everyone shows up late today. And please, when you do arrive a bit tardy with your child in tow, please don't apologize. I may be inclined to say sweetly "I actually prefer it when every one shows up late." And if I do say that, just know, that I am not being sarcastic and also, it's nothing personal. I'm being completely honest and it's because I am a little bit tired.


  1. Great Post. We all need to hear that kind of thing evey once in awhile, because it's difiicult not to see yourself as the bad guy and every other mom as Superwoman! Best Wishes... Tiffany

  2. I made it through the day. The great irony? Four of the kids were late...being picked up. And man, I'm beat! It's easy bean burritos for dinner tonight and an early bedtime for this house!

  3. I hear you Oscar. Sleep-deprivation (not to mention being sick) totally turns me into Grumpymom. My kids have learned to steer clear and lie low.
    The baby doesn't get it yet. She still insists on needing me. But then her unconditional cheerfulness is a good picker-uper too.