Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bookended by insanity

Thanksgiving is sort of a holiday pushed aside. Snubbed by most but the grocery industry, and sandwiched between Halloween (buy these costumes! buy these costumes! don't forget the candy!) and Christmas (buy everything! buy everything! more than you can possibly afford!), Thanksgiving isn't really a darling of the commercial arena. Which is actually okay. Thank goodness for a holiday that isn't too marketable. However, Thanksgiving has been nudged into the position marking that, indeed, The Holidays are upon us.

I headed out this morning to pick up last minute things I need for the grand dinner tomorrow. You know, minor things, like the turkey. I was early enough that the lines haven't been too long. But I can feel the cashiers bracing. It's gonna be a long day ringing up the produce at the checkout counter. We will rush, rush, rush today to get ready (pre-cook those yams, make the pies tonight!), and then at a certain time tomorrow (probably at least 2 hours later than initially planned, darned turkey) everyone will sit down to gorge themselves, think of their blessings, and hopefully take a long nap. (After helping mom do the dishes, right? You nice people, you.)

But come Friday we'll be right back at it, and early too, to take advantage of what is apparently called "Black Friday" (aptly named for many reasons). Rush, rush, to the Christmas deals. I think the Italians really ought to start pushing pasta as a Thanksgiving meal of choice. You gotta carb up for the race and wrestle in the Target line tomorrow, folks! Forget the turkey! How about some nice turkey lasanga!

In anycase, between the rushing around, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Despite the chaos of life imposed or invited, take some time to sit down and count your blessings. Good. Now, get out there and get your turkey!

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