Tuesday, November 7, 2006

season 4, episode 6: Election Night

This evening in honor of Election Day I think I may watch Jed Bartlet get re-elected to a second term. This doesn't necessarily reflect my views or wishes of what will happen as the real ballots are counted tonight. I'm actually not sure what I hope will happen. I mean, sad to say, both parties seem more intent on getting and keeping power than actually doing something. And as a definite Independent, I'm not saying that I would without question vote for the man, should he really be running. Unless we were voting on coolness of staff. In any case, if he was still on television I'd watch.

P.S. If I wanted to be more election specific, season 2 episode 3: The Midterms would probably be more appropriate, but not as fun (presidential elections are always more fun. That said, this particular election going on right now, is pretty dang interesting), because nothing changes. Everybody gets to say "God Bless America" though. But either way, I say "God Bless America."

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