Wednesday, November 15, 2006

health and beauty

So, Costco got in some special new kind of Aquafresh. The tube looks like a spaceship, all silvery shiney. It's an "extreme clean mint whitening experience." (Their words, not mine). Ben actually called me from Costco to make sure he should get this kind, knowing the special relationship I have with my toothpaste. But it was the only Aquafresh there. And it was still the cheapest.

I also bought some new facial scrub. It has those little microbeads in it. It seems to work well, although the other day I was debating if it is unearthing little facial blemishes, or causing them...the jury is out for now.

Here is the weird thing about these two products, which I started using on the same day, so maybe it's just me and my senses are totally out of wack. The toothpaste tastes and feels like I'm brushing my teeth with Halls mentholatum cough drops. Which is nice if you're a little congested, which I was, and it cleared me right up for a bit! But it's a little overwhelming in the early morning. It also isn't great as a sleep inducer at night. I sure feel like my teeth are clean though! And clean sinuses too! But moving on. The facewash smells exactly like the environmentally safe paint stripper I used a few years ago when redoing some furniture. Seriously. Exactly the same.

I'm brushing my teeth with cough drops and washing my face with paint stripper. Which may explain those blemishes.


  1. All you need is gasoline mouthwash and you'll be an eco-nightmare.

  2. hmmmm, i pretty sure those tastes and smells shouldnt go together

  3. Well at least your skin will be all ready for that coat of varnish you had planned :)