Monday, November 6, 2006

monday, monday

I remember distinctly thinking on Sunday when I posted that I had something good to say for today. But what that thought was and where it went only the wind and the moon doth know. And neither of them are telling me. It was probably profound, and even life-changing for a few of you, and for that I apologize. But I think you'll manage alright. You are all capable people.

But as far as a subject for a post? Well. The baby did get his cast off today! I called the doctor to ask if I could (gasp!) take it off myself because he had been doing legs lifts with both legs, a sure sign, I thought, that the fractured femur was healed. She said I could come in and she would look at it, just to make sure. So we did, and he did and now I don't have to go to another appointment Wednesday morning! Hooray! The poor guy didn't get much of a chance to nap today though, so the sweetheart is conked out in a deep and castless sleep.

And we drove out to the Newark Airport to visit with my dad who had a 12 hour layover on his way to Denmark. The girls were so excited to see Grandpa! They saw him through the glass doors of the hotel and ran right in and up to him to get a big hug. It was a sweet reunion. I noticed several of the employees looking over and smiling. We all had lunch (lunch at a hotel is such a rip-off. I mean, decent food, but the hamburger was not worth $12) and some nice to time to chat. It was nice to see my dad.

So there you go. My Monday in a nutshell. Oh, I also got the girls' room picked up. And maybe my profundities will be back tomorrow.


  1. The girls' room is picked up? I find that very profound and almost motivating... I should do something.

  2. I'm so happy Oliver's cast is off! Yay!!!

  3. yeaaaah no more casts, i'm sure he's loving it.

    i picked up my living room yesterday, and the kicthen. what a sense of accomplishment when there are not dishes in the sink or on the counter and you can see the ENTIRE coffee table. today i plan on attacking the giant pile of laundry in my bedroom. man i need to develop some good cleaning habits i know for sure when this little one pops out things are just gonna get harder.

  4. I'm so glad that Oliver's cast is off. Is he feeling great not having that weigh him down?


  5. I think he'd be happier w/out his nose running 24/7. I know I'd be happier. But he is starting to get up on his knees, which is where he was at three weeks ago. Crawling, here we come...