Wednesday, November 8, 2006

weather report

Today is going to be a rainy, rainy day. While we probably won't get quite the same results as some, they are forcasting a chance for flooding. That said, it seems to me New York tends to be over-sensitive to the weather. So while it might be severe I have a sneaking suspicion that if these weather conditions were moved over to another state, the people there would do just fine. Also we live up on a hill and are adequately stocked with food provisions.

I think I am going to take advantage of this weather and do a quick clean up around the house (ignoring my bedroom, which could probably stand to be flooded out, but the baby is napping in there right now, so no cleaning, and probably no flooding either, please) and then we are going to keep it low key. Books and stories, maybe a movie and some popcorn with the kids, maybe a nice bath for mom, or better yet, a nice little nap on the couch. Perhaps some cookies will get made. Or at least the cookie dough (I am a sucker for cookie dough).

Well, that sounds probably a little too picturesque. Really I will try to get things picked up while negotiating fights about Polly Pocket dolls, debate whether or not I really want to stick the girls in front of a movie because that often makes them more grumpy at which point I will put them in the bath so they can play in a confined space (water always makes kids happier) while I carry around the baby who has a cold and a hard time napping and get my shower in once they've gone to bed. The cookie dough is maybe the only reality here. But it's a dang good reality!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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  1. Wahoo for cookie dough! I liked the line about how your room could stand to be flooded. Not a bad idea for my own room. But I'm afraid it would take a typhoon.