Wednesday, April 16, 2008

allysha cleans house ~ a semi-live blogging event

Ah, yes.

The time: 8:43 a.m.

The task: Pretty much to clean the entire house and then some.

The expectation: At this point, I'm not sure. Waffling between high and low.

Things to take into consideration: All children are home and currently awake.

Starting with: Front Room

Ready? Yes. Clipboard in hand with monster list of tasks.

Wish me luck...To Be Continued

UPDATE: (8:55 a.m.) Baby bottle break. Front room picked up with help of oldest child who is avoiding cleaning her own room by helping me out. Whatever works. Dusting and vacuuming of front room next.

UPDATE: (9:06 a.m.) Baby down for nap. Vacuuming done for fr. room. A load of laundry going in washer and dryer. On to dusting! Hooray!

UPDATE: (9:24 a.m.) Dusting done. Room done. Whiny child out of bath. Water break. Up next: laundry pile...

UPDATE: (9:55 a.m.) Laundry pile sorted, folded, and mostly put away. Hallway picked up and vacuumed. Next up: very scary kids' bathroom.

UPDATE: (10:31 a.m.) Kids' bath done, for the most part. I'm out of paper towels, drat! So the mirror will have to wait. Children currently vanquishing dragons. I'm all for it.

UPDATE: (10:45 a.m.) More laundry. Also, cheddar n' sour cream potato chips are pretty gross, yet strangely addicting. Debating on what should come next - the bedroom or the kitchen...

UPDATE: (11:50 a.m.) Bed made. Vacuuming done during radio breaks: Doug Fabrezio is interviewing Terry Gross. When radio hosts interview radio hosts it's interesting. Most stuff picked up, just working in the random pile.

UPDATE: (12:25) Just finished ironing some of Ben's shirts, because I was feeling domestic. The kids' bedrooms and the main living areas (family room, kitchen) are left, but I think we'll have to wait for the afternoon second wind, if it comes.

This concludes our semi-live blogging event. Thank You for participating, or not. It may not have been interesting for you, but I got some work done.


  1. My house is wrecked today. I don't even know where to start or if maybe we should just move. :)

  2. Wrecked is a good word. I'd move if I could, but I know deep down, that just means more cleaning!

  3. I'm tired just reading about it. Want to come and tackle mine next?