Thursday, April 24, 2008

wherefore hast thou gone, dear creativity?

In truth, I have stuff to write about. I was going to say that in truth, I have plenty of stuff to write about, but I'm not sure about the "plenty". In truth, I have a sty in my eye and it hurts and I'll be glad when it goes away.

I really do have thought provoking wisdoms somewhere in the brain, but I am also guest posting elsewhere next week, so that is taking a little bit of this week's blogging energy. That and the darn POLLEN.

I hate pollen. And I'm not sure if my allergy medication has kicked in, if it's effectiveness is zilch, and if I should switch to another little allergy pill. Hay fever. It makes you get all weepy over the advent of Spring.

But, hey. Today's title was a little fun, wasn't it?


  1. I have been feeling the same thing lately. I can't tell you how many partial posts I have published in my head over the last few weeks. Although, it isn't the pollen getting my brain right now, it is the pregnancy and trying to sleep train a 3 year old to stay in his new big boy bed.

  2. there's a knock off of claritin that costco does thatorks well for me... good luck w/ spring :)