Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Motherhood Magnified

There are days when you Know you are a Mother. You know what I mean. Some days your children sort of swirl around you, asking for a few things while you carry on the Duties of the House and whatnot. You float down the river of life, uneventfully, with everyone seeming to be happy, healthy and good. Mishaps happen, and everyone gets over them. But then there are Those Days.

You know what I mean. The days where your children all want to sit on your lap simultaneously and cry about unmet needs. They cling to you, crying broken heartedly, because you had the nerve to try and dress them in something other than pajamas.

This morning it's my two youngest, a mere fourteen months apart; both whom have hit a cling-to-mom stage at the same time. I finally untangle myself gently to go and fill up my two year-old's sippy cup leaving two crying children in my wake.

I walk into the kitchen just in time to see one of those spiders, the born sprinters, tearing it's way across the floor. Fortunately for me, the biological response that has evolved over thousands of years has taught this kind of spider to stop! and stay... very... still... when danger appears to have approached. Not so fortunate for him.

I grabbed the broom and came down with a whack. Sorry, spider. But today I am a Mother. And I don't let spiders in the house to play with my children, especially when they all want to sit on my lap crying in the middle of the floor which you seem intent on traversing.


  1. Ah, the life of motherhood. And dead spiders. I'm such a wimp that I request for my 8 yr old to smash them if husband's not around.

    My last two, are 15 months apart and boy it is demanding at their ages of 3 and 2. Some days I don't have the energy needed for the tasks at hand. And the 6 yr old always feels left out.

    Enjoying your guest blogging on Design Mom. Great push pins!!!

    How in the world can you blog in 3 places and have 4 kids? Seriously.

  2. I'm having one of those days today. My two year old decided NOT to take her usual nap and it shows.