Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a snappy title that will make you WANT to read this

Our karaoke machine (yes we have a karaoke machine, not often used for such purpose, but someday, someday my friends) has a little button you can push that causes the music to step up or down a key. My kids recently discovered this, and they are fascinated. I have been listening to an Enchanted soundtrack either populated by chipmunks or trolls. My oldest thinks the lower voices are the funniest. I'm actually fond of the music the way it is, so when I can get away with it, I sneak in and press the button that makes everything sound normal again.

Today is "parent's visiting day" at my daughter's dance class. We get to come and watch the kids as they practice for their little performance on Saturday, for which we will have the privilege of paying $3 per person in order to attend said performance. Also, I must provide some sort of costume. And sew...(he, he)

...I went to the fabric store and bought some tulle, elastic, sequins, and ribbon and was almost completely overcome by the desire to purchase loads of fabric and begin sewing them into some fabulous creation right there! Never mind that I don't have a sewing machine. But someday, my friends, someday. Also, never mind that I am not really a seamstress. But one can learn, right?

But now I must go strap my baby into the swing that she is getting too big for, so that I can get ready for the parental-visit-to-the-dance-class in peace. I just think letting an 11 month old wander around the house while I am in the shower is a bad idea. The 2 and 4 year-olds? Well, they can do whatever. It sounds like they're experimenting with the different sounds one CD can make on the karaoke machine.

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  1. It's frightening to have to shower and have an 11 month old. I always knew mine was safe though.. she was crying for me and pounding on the door. Nice.