Monday, April 14, 2008

the spring plans of the very young

Spring break starts... right... now! The bus should have just pulled out of the neighborhood. Instead a lot of kids are home. The teenagers are in their bed. The elementary age kids haven't caught on to that brilliant plan yet.

My girls are in the middle of planning a trip to Disneyland; one that, unfortunately, we won't be taking. Part of the problem is that Ben doesn't have spring break.

"We could just go without Dad, " my daughter says, "He would understand that."
"Or," she says, "go to the airport. I'm sure there is a plane there we could take!"

My oldest daughter joins in. "Yeah, Dad could stay home with the babies and then we could go." She reconsiders, maybe remembering who is the funner parent. "Or Dad could take us and you could stay home!"

"We could just droove there!" says the other one. (I am pretty sure she said droove. At least I hope so, because it sounded really funny.)

Someday, Disneyland, someday. We will save our pennies, nickles and dimes and come to your glistening gates. Don't be too proud about your position, however. My daughters requested France first. But we have to save our dollars for that one.

Happy (Surviving) Spring Break!


  1. I'm a France first kind of girl myself... can't hurt wishin'!

  2. My daughter was begging to go to Disneyworld yesterday as well. I told her when all the kids are big enough to enjoy it and mom too, we'll go. I promised before she turns 10 we'll make it there. (That's at least 4-5 years away) She whined that she would be 9 by then and wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much. She refused to believe me that being bigger meant being able to enjoy MORE rides at the park. The impatience of a 5 year old - sigh.