Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a tiny violin playing just for you

Have you ever wished for a soundtrack for your life? What pieces of music would be on it? I have to say, the desire for the more dramatic moments of my life to be accompanied by the appropriate music has lessened as I find myself further away from the drama of teenagerdom and young adulthood. Something about getting into life settles you down a bit, I guess. That said, I do have a soundtrack of sorts.

It wasn't consciously created and it has evolved over time. Some pieces of music have managed to transcend specific events of my existence. Others, however, are deeply and firmly rooted at a certain spot in my time line. Whenever I hear them played, I find myself back in a specific place, time, and emotion. Music, as you know, is a powerful thing.

~ Put on the soundtrack to Fried Green Tomatoes and I find myself driving up the canyon to USU to visit friends. It's my freshman year of college. I am feeling melancholy, which I think is a requisite emotion when you are eighteen.

~ You've Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers brings to mind a summer night on a friend's front lawn and an impromptu dance. I'm not sure if I danced with the guy I liked at the time or not. But it was a good time.

~ Sting's I Hung My Head from his album Mercury Falling. Summer again. Riding in a friend's jeep. He's in love with my best friend for the umpteenth time in our lives. I am happily the third-wheel.

~ David Gray's first album, White Ladders. I listen to it during my first trimester of my first pregnancy. I cannot, CANNOT, listen to any of those songs anymore. Every time I do, I feel nauseated with morning sickness. No joke.

Pieces of music that I love and transcend events, to name just a small few, are:

Mozart ~ Symphony No. 40 in G Minor

Sting ~ Fields of Gold and Ghost Story

Ralph Vaughn Williams ~ Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis

Vivaldi ~ The Four Seasons

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  1. You're Just Too Good To Be True - Frankie Valli - 1965ish. My 6th grade crush. He was a stunning 16 and bagged groceries at the local Foodtown. Every time my mother went to the store, funny how I was always in tow. Going through the check stand was a breathless experience every time.