Tuesday, April 1, 2008

meeting live & in person

Kathryn, her kids, and her niece were over for dinner last night. It was delightfully fun. The kids ran around screaming happily (most of the time) with, at and about each other. And the adults talked. Ben and Kathryn caught up and chatted about the good ol' days when they studied film together, and Kathryn and I talked about whatever could tumble out of our mouths fast enough to be part of the conversation.

When we were at school we saw each other on occasion when I was dating Ben and she was working on a project with him. We never hung out or anything though. But we are fast friends. We never suffered from that semi-awkward getting-to-know-you stage, which can happen when most of your communication is internet based.

Blogging will do that to you. As will having kids that are around the same age. Also, we were both English majors. And last, but certainly not least, The West Wing. We are both almost-fanatics. I say "almost" because we know there are people out there who are way more obsessed in interesting ways. People who write their own episodes and short stories and novels, and probably haiku poems about Josh and Donna, and we are not there. And, thank goodness, probably never will be. But we could bond about the idea of writing in a West Wing candidate on this November's ballot. We won't of course. We are much more sensible and responsible than that. But it's fun to joke about.


  1. Is that program still on? I used to watch that. I can never stay all the way through a series.

  2. Not still on. I think you can catch re-runs on Bravo or just buy the DVDs
    Or avoid them all-together because I think they are seeking world domination and have the ability to peacefully accomplish it...!

  3. kathryn's a fun gal, isn't she?

  4. That was absolutely the most fun. I need to find a link to some of those Josh and Donna music video montages. You will perish with laughter!